IIS Feature Requirement on Windows Vista for SQL Server 2005

When you try to install SQL Server 2005 on Windows Vista, you may get the following warning against IIS Feature requirement : “Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) is either not installed or is disabled

This indicates that some of IIS 7.0 components are missing in your IIS configuration. You can verify this by going to :

Start -> Control Panel ->Programs ->Turn Windows features on or off ->Internet Information Services

The following components in IIS are mandatory for SQL Server 2005 IIS feature requirement

  1. Static Content  (Under Common HTTP Features)
  2. Default Document (Under Common HTTP Features)
  3. HTTP Redirection (Under Common HTTP Features)
  4. Directory Browsing  (Under Common HTTP Features)
  5. ASP.Net (Under Application Development)
  6. ISAPI Extension (Under Application Development)
  7. ISAPI Filters (Under Application Development)
  8. Windows Authentication (Under Security)
  9. IIS Metabase (Under Web Management Tools)
  10. IIS 6 WMI  (Under Web Management Tools)

 IIS Feature Requirement for SQL Server 2005


4 thoughts on “IIS Feature Requirement on Windows Vista for SQL Server 2005

  1. I installed iis in windows 7 as per the article. but while installing sql server 2005 it is again giving me same error IIS feature required. i am fed up with this. please help me.

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