R Programming using RTVS – Part 2

This article assumes that you have RTVS extension added to your VS IDE.  You can refer my previous blog on installation & configuration of RTVS.

1. Basic knowledge of R programming
2. RTVS Extension

Once you install ‘Data Science and Analytical Applications’ workload using VS2017 installer (May 2017 update), new R Project template will be available for creating new project.


Those who are familiar with R Studio will certainly find themselves home with this IDE. Additionally we have all VS native features. Given below is a view that shows Solution Explorer, Script file (Script.R) and Interactive Window (Microsoft R Client which is equivalent to console in R Studio)


Notice that there is an ‘R Plot’ tab which is where the plots/visualizations will be generated.

To start with lets draw a basic plot

ds <- c(1,500,300,100,350)


Alternately use the normal VS debug (starting new instance) and watch the interactive window as the plot is generated.

ds <- c(1,500,300,100,350) > plot(ds)
> rtvs::debug_source("~/visual studio 2017/Projects/rproject1/rproject1/script.R")
Sourcing: c:\users\geek2\documents\visual studio 2017\Projects\rproject1\rproject1\script.R

That’s basic start. I recommend R developers to explore the VS menu “R Tools” for the complete set of R integration options available.


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