R Programming using RTVS – Part 3

This article assumes that you have RTVS extension added to your VS IDE.  You can refer my previous blogs on installation & configuration of RTVS.

  1. R Support in Visual Studio (RTVS)
  2. R Programming using RTVS – Part 2
1. Basic knowledge of R programming
2. RTVS Extension

Key RTVS features that a developer should be aware of :

The following is just a list for you to explore rather than extensive walk through.

  1. Step through :  use Ctrl+Enter
  2. Execute a block of code in R interactive  : Select a block of code and Ctrl+ Enter (or right click and choose Execute in Interactive)
  3. Debug : Use Debug > Source startup file or F5
  4. Set Debug points : Native VS behavior (refer image below)rtvs_5_r_debug.png
  5. Reset current work space : To clear everything by using R Tools > Session > Reset
  6. Examine variables : Use ‘variable explorer’ (Ctrl + 8)
  7. IntelliSense : RTVS_5_R_IntelliSense
  8. Help : Use ? and ?? (Use ?? to search term in quotes if it include spaces)
  9. Code snippet manager :  View them at Tools > Code Snippets Manager.  RTVS_5_R_CodeSnipptType the abbreviated name and use tab to insert a snippet to your codeRTVS_5_R_CodeSnippt1
  10.  R interactive window or REPL (Read-Evaluate-Print-Loop) window : Use already illustrated in previous steps/posts
  11. Plot window : Ctrl + 6
  12. Plot history : Preserves all your plots in the session.  R Tools > Plots > Plot History Window (refer image below)RTVS_5_R_Plot_history

There are many more which an R programmer or VS developer can explore themselves. We will go through some samples using RTVS in the upcoming posts.


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