R Support in Visual Studio (RTVS)

If you are a visual studio developer who is also into data analytics and R development, there is good news for you. The support for R and Python development is currently available in Visual Studio.

R Tools for Visual Studio (RTVS) is a free open-source extension for Visual Studio. This is supported in VS 2017 (community, enterprise and pro editions) and VS 2015 update 3 or higher.

To install it, select the ‘Data science and analytical applications workload’ in the installer.


Note the default options selected on right pane. For R development, ensure that you have selected the following items (minimum requirement)

  1. R language support
  2. Runtime support for R development
  3. Microsoft R client.

This will install RTVS extension and once completed you will see ‘R Project’ as a template in VS. I’m excited to share VS experience (R Projects, intellisense, plot view and many) for R development. I will go through integrated development features in upcoming blogs.